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Plenary Lecture 3 

Title: Communication: Essential to become an effective medical physicist

Date:  13th October 2024

Time: 03:00pm – 03:30pm

Venue: TBA







  • Prof. Dr. M. Mahesh (AAPM)

Among the several traits required to be a successful medical physicist are the communication skills. Medical physicists, especially in a clinical environment often have to communicate with variety of people with wide range of expertise, that includes physicians, technologists, regulators and also with patients. In those circumstances, a medical physicist with the right communication skills will become very effective in sharing their knowledge and able to respond to questions related to the field. The goal of this plenary lecture is to examine the challenges encountered in medical physics and the solutions on how to become an effective communicator.
Prof. Dr. M. Mahesh-The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA.jpeg

Prof. Dr. M. Mahesh

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