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Plenary Lecture 2 

Title: Training, Research, and Education Opportunities by the IAEA

Date:  13th October 2024

Time: 02:30pm – 03:00pm

Venue: TBA







  • Ms. Marina Mishar (IAEA) 


The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in advancing medical physics, playing a pivotal role in revolutionizing patient care through its programme from standard setting, research, training, and education. Medical physics stands as a cornerstone of modern healthcare, ensuring the safety and efficacy of radiation-based interventions. The IAEA's commitment to this field is evident through its multifaceted approach. Firstly, the IAEA develops and disseminates guidelines and standards, ensuring uniformity and quality in radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, and diagnostic radiology procedures worldwide.Secondly, the IAEA provides extensive training and education opportunities for medical physicists, radiologists, radiation oncologists, and other healthcare professionals. These programs cover various aspects of medical physics, including radiation safety, treatment planning, and advanced technologies, empowering professionals to deliver high-quality care.Thirdly, the IAEA actively supports capacity building in member states through its Technical Cooperation Program (TCP). By providing equipment, training personnel, and assisting in the establishment of quality assurance programs, the IAEA strengthens medical physics infrastructure, particularly in regions with limited resources. Additionally, the IAEA initiates and coordinates research projects in medical physics through its Coordinated Research Projects (CRP), fostering collaboration among experts to address specific challenges, develop new techniques, and promote innovation.Finally, the IAEA promotes the implementation of quality assurance programs in medical physics, ensuring the accuracy and safety of radiation-based procedures. In alignment with the theme of AOCMP and SEACOMP, the IAEA's multifaceted initiatives exemplify the revolutionary impact of medical physics on patient outcomes. Through collaboration, innovation, and targeted interventions, the IAEA continues to spearhead advancements in healthcare delivery, ultimately improving lives worldwide.

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Ms. Marina Mishar

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