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Plenary Lecture 1 

Title: Data protection, terms and policies for online services and social media

Date:  13th October 2024

Time: 02:00pm – 02:30pm

Venue: TBA







  • Dr. Magdalena Stoeva (Bulgaria)



The International Organization for Medical Physics (IOMP) is the global professional and scientific organization representing nearly 30,000 medical physicists from 90 countries worldwide. IOMP is in official relation with WHO, IAEA, IUPESM, and a number of other global professional and scientific organizations. Part of IOMP’s mission is to contribute to the advancement of medical physics through various activities related to science, education and training, professional development, dissemination of information, organizing and supporting professional, educational and scientific events. IOMP has been the global leader in the field of medical physics for over 70 years and a significant part of its activities is directed towards the promotion, support and development of medical physics in Low- and Middle-Income Countries. IOMP’s contribution for medical physics in LMICs is invaluable, uniting different sectors, regions, stakeholders and professional communities. IOMP’s activities in and for LMICs are directed, but not limited to establishment and support for national professional organizations, endorsement and sponsorship of national end regional events, providing expertise, organizing and supporting education and training programs, donation programs, dissemination of professional literature, support and mentoring for early career medical physicists, gender and workplace balance, awards and acknowledgements for professional achievements, educational activities for individual medical physicists and related specialists. The key contribution of the IOMP for the development of medical physics in LMICs has been widely recognized. Facing the challenges of the contemporary society and focussed on global healthcare, IOMP plays an important role in setting the scene and future prospectives for the advancement of medical physics and achieving sustainable healthcare in the LMICs.

Prof. Dr. Stoeva Magdalena_Medical University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.jpg

Dr. Magdalena Stoeva (Bulgaria)

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