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Invited Lecture 3.5

Title : TBA

Date:  13th October 2024

Time: 10:45am – 11:00am

Venue : TBA






Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adel Mustafa (USA)

Prof. Dr. Adel Mustafa_Yale School of Medicine, USA .jpg


The introduction of newer CT technologies helped optimize CT acquisition protocols to achieve a more acceptable dose levels without compromising image quality.  We use radiation dose management system to query the CT  exam’s “Radiation Dose Structured Report” (RDSR) for comparison and further analysis.  Using data from hundreds of thousands CT examinations at our institution we could identify CT doses higher than established benchmarks for multiple master and sub master CT protocols and correct for protocol appropriateness, scanners inadequacies and operator deviations from standard operations including patient variations.  Will present an updated sample of our approach to investigate correct practices and update acquisition protocols to help reduce CT doses.  

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