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Invited Lecture 2.6

Title : Advancing Medical Physics Through Interdiciplinary Radiobiological Research 

Date:  12th October 2024

Time: 02:15pm – 02:30pm

Venue : TBA






Speaker: Dr. Wan Nordiana Binti W. Abd Rahman (Malaysia)

Dr Wan Nordiana W. Abd. Rahman_Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.png


Recent advancement in medical physics depend on technological discovery and fundamental scientific insights from radiobiology research. Current technology in medical physics involving state the art imaging and treatment delivery as well the progress in artificial intelligent brings major improvement to patient diagnosis and treatment. Effort to produce conformal dose to the tumour targets while minimizing dose to surrounding organ at risk have been made by exploiting the cellular radiobiological responses. Modern precision radiotherapy such as ultra-high dose rate FLASH radiotherapy, particles and heavy ion are currently being developed to increase radiobiological effectiveness of radiotherapy. Implementation of nanoparticles to increase differentiation between cancerous and normal cells have been extensively investigated since the past decade. Predictive radiobiology with artificial intelligence is capable of identifying patterns within patients’ data and developing models from clinical data for diagnostic and prognostic purpose. Multidisciplinary intensified radiobiological studies will pave the way towards understanding cancer biology and hence improve treatment outcome.

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