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Invited Lecture 2.4

Title : Micro-Versatile Silica Optical Fiber Dosimeters (SOFeD): A Decade Revolutionizing Radiation Sensing in Medicine

Date:  12th October 2024

Time: 02:15pm – 02:30pm

Venue : TBA






Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Noramaliza Mohd Noor (Malaysia)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Noramaliza Mohd  Noor_Universiti Putra Malaysia.png


Micro-Versatile Silica Optical Fiber Dosimeter (SOFeD) represents cutting-edge technology in radiation sensing, serving as both passive and active dosimeters in medicine for a decade. Recently, its feasibility as a potential dosimeter in radiology has been explored, specifically for measuring radiation dose output in CT Quality Assurance (QA), dose measurements in sensitive organs during computed pulmonary angiography for paediatric patients, and peak skin dose measurements in angiograms. In radiotherapy, SOFeD is used for proton radiotherapy dosimetry to measure Bragg peak doses, breast electron beam dosimetry, and for dose audits and intercomparison tools. It has also demonstrated effectiveness as a dose mapper and indicator in blood product irradiation using a Cs-137 source. Furthermore, its potential as a future personal dosimeter badge for radiation monitoring has been demonstrated. In conclusion, SOFeD offers a versatile and reliable solution for accurate radiation dose measurement across various medical applications. Its ability to function both passively and actively enhances its adaptability, making it a valuable tool for ensuring patient safety and treatment efficacy.

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